About Davee

I was born into this world on June 24th, 1952 at 4:25 AM and given the name David Wendel Robinson.  It has been a challenging vibration, one from which I have learned much over the decades.

For the purpose of my creative work I use the name Davee. I am a lightweaver. I live to love. I live to hug, to smile, to care, to wipe away tears and to give comfort and yes also to receive it. Each Day I am blessed and give thanks for my blessings. I am NOT religious. I have no church or religion as my relationship with God is personal and direct. Guess you could say I am an “unfettered” minister, without all the expectations and limitations imposed by religion.

Sometimes I walk and talk with angels who are my constant companions. I try to follow their suggestions for a better life but on occasion I still falter out of my own stubbornness and lose balance. That happens less and less now days. Like the Angels around me spiritual service is my life.

Davee is my pseudonym. After much prayer and contemplation I realised my birth name energy was holding me back. So while it is not practical to change my name legally at this time, I settled on Davee for my pseudonym after trying out many others as it carries the vibrations that I feel I need to move forward on my spiritual journey. And like me, it is simple. You can pronounce it “Day Vee” or “Dah Vee” or any way you like.

Ih this blog I record my thoughts, feelings and sometimes spiritual channelings.

I am not perfect as a human. I do still sometimes make mistakes, but I do try each day to be a better human being and to live a spiritual life.

I live now in the Philippines, retired they say, but not sure what that means.  I guess I go to sleep when I feel like it, get up when I feel like it.  Eat when I feel like it.  Write and take photographs when I feel like it or am so inspired.   So I stay busy, when I feel like it and rest when I feel like it.  My work now is my blog and my photography.

I chose the Philippines to live in solely on a deep feelings.  Having been here twice before for work, (fraud investigator in business outsourcing) I had always longed to come back and felt I needed too.  Did so quite impulsively and without much planning or resources. Usual pattern, beautiful, caring woman, lonely guy, mutual childhood hangups.   We still work together to manage life’s daily needs but are mostly apart.  It isn’t for a lack of love, but for a lack of common ground.  I always pray for the greatest good of both of us, no matter if it is together or apart.

I guess you could say that in some ways, David Wendel Robinson is the energy I was born into and Davee is the joyful spiritual energy I now choose to express.

This is my blog where I will write what comes to mind on a great many things.  Contemplations of a Modern Mystic. An old soul moving through this experience called material life, with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  Learning to love infinitely.

Life for me is a mystery, meant to be lived and enjoyed.

Love, laughter, joy and peace to all of you.


A couple of poems relevant to me.  They came to me many years ago.  One from a spiritual channel, the Rev. Jackie Slater and one from a dream.  The Eagle has often been a symbol in my life representing my connection to the creator and creation.


I sing my soul to God
A silent song of praise
A stillness of my being
A growing of my spirit

My wings are spread to catch the Joy
To soar on high within
and speak in Silent Whispers.

My song is a wall, against the desert of despair.
I am the song, and my wing’s are God.


Sleeping Eagle now awakens
Darkness reigns no more supreme
Voice of spirit now is sounding
Rising to heaven’s glorious realm
Divine love erupting forth
Cleanses flesh and mind of limitation
Awaken child of Eagle’s Dream
Awaken to the life that is yours

Love, Laughter, Joy and Peace

And a few more photos of me during my life.  Just for the heck of it.



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