The Tapestry of God’s Creation

This image shows the infinite beauty of God’s creation in the same day. A golden moment as the sun prepares to set, and after dusk, as the light fades with the sun below the horizon, still God creates with a beautiful tapestry of love in shades of blues and purples.

Creator is active always in our lives. Each moment is a miracle of creation. The Tapestry of God’s creation is infinite and within a single moment lives every expression.   And Creator’s expression is always love filled with beauty and wonder.

The minutes, hours, years, and days of our lives are but an illusion. Each moment creator is creating opportunity for all that we need. We only have to open our hearts and spirits to receive it. The tapestry of creator is infinite. It is only our self imposed limits of perception that hold us back. Live in this moment with unconditional love for all. Then the door to your infinite potential will open and love will heal all.

Remember, that no matter the illusion of the moment, you have infinite potential through love.  Love this moment now and know that your every need is met now.  You can create with the infinite shades of your unconditional love.

Love, Joy and Peace,



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