You are Angels


My beloved family, your life did not begin in this world, neither will it end here. Before the sun, planets, earth and moon were formed, you already were. You are ancient before time. This place, you call materiality, is just a little time in school. You have journeyed long it feels, but in truth your experience is not even a moment in the greater essence of the universe. You are children of father-mother creator, you are timeless. This world you call earth, is just a place of learning and experiencing in a different way. Do not let its illusions overwhelm you. You.. all of you are children of the universe. And soon you will remember your true self. Enjoy this temporary school for now, but remember to play, enjoy and love your life and experience here. For in order to enter the kingdom of heaven you must become as an innocent child. Free yourself of judgement, fear, doubt and worry. You are children of the most high, live your life as the little children do. Cling to no-thing but embrace joyfully every experience. Most of all love, hug, sing, dance and be ever joyful for that is how you should truly praise God. No matter the illusion of seriousness or suffering in your lives, turn not your heart from to the joyful laughter of the divine child within. Not in solemn prayer but in Joyful celebration of life, is the the way to express to creator your love. Creator (father-mother) does not care for the serious but for the joyful. Remember you are children, act like you are. Be happy, play, have fun. That is what you are here to remember

— Thoughts of Archangel Uriel,

Love, Joy and Peace



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