Sunrise, Sunset: The Circle of Life

Sunrise- Sunset

Life is never stagnet.  It is in a constant state of change.  Within the material earth experience we experience this each and every day. Sunrise, we celebrate the daylight and activity, sunsets we celebrate the night and rest. Of course not alway that exact way for each person has their own individual cycle.  The important thing is to understand that life is a constant state of change.  Nothing remains the same forever.  To do so would be the only true death, because not moving forward means being left behind.  The universe and all of creation is never stagnant.  Neither can your life be so.

Families change, relationships change, friendships change.   Leaving behind one experience does not mean you are leaving behind everything.  Each experience carries forward with us, expanding our knowledge and understanding.  Even in relationships, often they will change over and over again during the course of the relationship, as people involved change.  Sometimes they come closer together, sometimes they drift apart.  The only important thing is to do everything from a state of unconditional love.

Love the beginnings, love the day, love, love the night, love the eternal cycle.   Do not judge it, but love it, no matter if one experience begins or ends.  For if we love each experience without measure or judgement, then we are free to evolve.  Often times, when some experience in our life has stagnated, then we must release it to evolve on its own.  That might lead to an end, but it also might lead to a new beginning.  Each experience in our life, each relationship has it cycles.  And sometimes what we need to do is just release the cycle that existed before, so that we can experience the new cycle that is coming.  Either with the same people, or different people is not as important as honoring and loving the experience.

Each life experience, each relationship, is in a constant state of evolving, of changing.  No relationship is ever stagnant, for if it becomes so, then it is dead.   Therefore it is  important to embrace the changes, be they easy or hard, and to know and trust that all will be as it should be.

Remember that the circle of life neither begins or ends.  We were all traveling the circle before we came to this earthly experience and we will travel it long after this experience is finished.  Do not fear the changes, but embrace them.  Sometimes it might bring people together, sometimes it may move them apart, but remember that in the greater spiritual life we are always connected to everyone, everywhere.   Life exists.  Death is the illusion.

Sunrise, Sunset.  Each day begins, each day ends, and so it is with the cycles of our life.  Just remember that because one thing appears to end at one moment, doesn’t mean it can’t carry on in another moment.  Maybe in a different way, a better way.

The people in our lives either grow with us, or we grow in different directions, but we are all growing, evolving, changing, every moment of our life and experience.  Bless each experience, bless each separation and bless every new coming together.

As the sunsets, the day ends, the experiences of that day are part of our experience but they are never gone, for they remain part of our soul.  Likewise it is with our relationships to all the people in our life.  Sometimes our experiences bring us together, sometimes they push us apart.  Sometimes they just give us pause so that we can decide together or apart where we will each go next.   The important thing is to never have regrets, never be overcome by  fear or doubt.  For regrets, fear and doubt have destroyed more relationships that should last, then anything else.  Embrace each new sunrise.  Embrace each new sunset.  And remember that each sunrise allows us to start new again and each sunset allows us to understand our lessons and release them for the greater good of all.

Sunrise.  Sunset.    They are only different expressions of the same experience.  Just remember to love each and every experience, even as you love each and ever person who was part of that experience.  After all, we never know when paths will cross again, perhaps, in the same life, or perhaps in another life.  Perhaps in a star system far, far away where two brilliant lights shine like the stars and celebrate again and forever the infinite beauty of their love.

But let me also say, never assume that an ending means that there will never be a new beginning.  Just like the Sunrise and Sunset, we need both to fulfill our lives.  And for many, the cycle is just that.  Sunrise, a new experience.  Sunset a new experience.  And so it goes on and on.  Sometimes with the same people sometimes with others.  Each sunrise brings new hope, and each sunset gives time for pause and contemplation of that days experience.  Followed of course by a new sunrise.  It is we, all of us, who decide what each day brings.  Just remember to end your day with love and begin your new day with love.  Set aside judgements of right or wrong.   We all have our journey, our lessons to learn, and sometimes we journey for a long time with the same person or persons and sometimes we need to move on.

Just remember, the answer is ALWAY LOVE.  Love each experience regardless of outcome.  Bless the new day, the new sunrise for yourself and all others.  Bless the coming of the night, the sunset for yourself and all others.  Each cycle serves its purpose. We all grow together, and we never really ever grow apart.   Each experience ultimately lifts up our spirits, our souls and we grow ever more as a part of the greater spiritual life that is the universe.   Ultimately we understand the circle of life, and realize that it is all about our growing and learning.   Not only for ourselves but for others.

Love is ALWAYS the ANSWER, no matter the question or challenge.

Love, Joy and Peace to All!

~ Davee


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