The Path You Were Meant to Be On


Life is a marvelous journey.  However it can also be an uncertain journey.  As we travel the many roads of our lives, we are often faced with decisions that are difficult.  For some, the way is clear, for others, not so much.  In our lives we all make decisions and choices.  Sometimes those decisions are clear and easy and sometimes filled with uncertainty.  In my experience, the best way to navigate through life is to follow one’s heart.   The way may or may not be easy, but so often in life we are in a state of transition, and the choices we make may not directly take us to where we think we want to be, but rather take us to the path we are intended to be upon.

The easy road may not always be the right way.  Sometimes the best road is the one that challenges us and leads us to our greater path, our greater way of being.   Sometimes in our lives we are merely in transition.  Having completed one series of lessons we are now ready to move on, to something more interesting to our soul growth.

The path you are on now, may or may not be the final path for you.  Sometimes we take a wandering way, just to enjoy the beauty and lessons it provides, until it shows us our true path.   A true path is one that leads us to a sense of fulfillment, a sense of wonder, a path of love and compassion.   It may or may not be an easy path.  That is really just a matter of your own attitude.   Often the most difficult paths are the most rewarding, but each person must find a path that meets their soul need.

When you can walk any road, go down any path, cross any bridge, with love in your heart, compassion for others, and without fear of what tomorrow will bring, then you will know you are on a good path.

The truth is there is no “one” path for anyone.  We are gifted by our creator with free-will and the ability to choose how we will respond to any life experience.    The truth path is not the one we walk, but the one we live, each and every moment of our life and being.  It is the one that gives us smiles, love and laughter, even when filled with challenges.

You will hear me say this constantly, but I will repeat myself…..

Love is always the answer.   As long as love is at the core of our intent and actions, we are where we are learning and growing.  The path doesn’t really matter.  But love will always light the way.  The right path is filled with lessons, but most of all filled with love, compassion, sharing and a deep inner joy of our journey.

LOVE, infinite eternal love  is always the answer.  And remember with love there is never any judgement of yourself or others.   Only acceptance of the love within you, the love of our creator from which  we are all formed.  For love brought us into being and love will light our way.  Love, pure unconditional love, is the one certainty we can all seek and find, but we must find it within our self.   When you walk through life with in a state of unconditional love, then you will know you are on the right path.   All that remains is to enjoy the journey.

Peace, Joy and Love to all.

~ Davee


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