A New World is Coming and the Future is Bright

Do not despair my brothers and sisters.  Despite all the outward turmoil in the Earth today there is great hope on the horizon.   Do not worry for the time, for spirit knows no time.  The future is written in the dreams of our ancestors and in the love of our children.  It will be a good earth, a new earth.


Many will say the old prophecies did not come true, but they are still coming true.  For the time before a birth is difficult, the time of giving birth is painful.  Yet there is a great joy to come. A great hope.  We are even now in the birthing pains of a new world that will be filled with love and light.  Look around and you can see the little things, that don’t make the news, but are happening every day.  The good things, the loving things, the compassion and sharing that takes place everyday, out of the attention of those who cannot understand.


The new generations are being born and they will remember and they will bring forth a new world, based on love, compassion and hope.  All that is going on now is the pain of birth.  It will pass and the new world will be born.  And those who know the way of love, of compassion, of caring will be there.  Those who cannot except it will continue on in an alternate world or worlds where they can learn the lessons they desire.

It is for you to choose, and your choice is how you live your life now.  Live it with Love.  Love is always the answer to any situation or problem. Love is the light that will always show the way forward in any situation.

Therefore love, and love greatly, all you know and all you meet.  Even those who have done or wish you harm or believe in their mind that you must live by their limitations.  Love them still.  Forgive them and love them without condition.  You don’t have to accept their way they wish to force upon you.   Reject their limitations and embrace them in spirit with the totality of your love.  Do not judge them for as written, “They know not what they do.”  Then allow them to find their way.    You are all children of the Universe.  You are without limit and the essence of your being is unconditional love.  For that is the child of mother-father creator.  Unconditional love is the child that will light the way and will open your heart to infinite possibilities.

I would remind you with Love their can be no judgement of others.  Allow them their journey but do not make it your own.  Nor is there any one way, for all ways ultimately lead to love.

Love is always the answer. And with love, there can be no judgement of others.

Love, joy and peace be with you.

~ Davee


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