Wings of Love


Dear brother’s and sisters.  While some would have you believe that you are merely flesh and blood, destined for suffering in a material world, I would tell you differently.  Flesh and blood are only a temporary vehicle for your soul to learn. Think of your body as your school uniform.  You are here to learn in an accelerated fashion, but remember that your true nature is always spirit.

Take care for your body, your temporary uniform, for it serves its purpose, but focus on your lessons, which are lessons of spirit and love.   You are not fallen souls, or sinners or misguided children of the creator.  You are children born of the love of a creator who is both father and mother.  And the child of creator is unconditional love.  So you see you are born of the purest and highest love without judgement or condition.   Embrace your life in this world for the lessons and opportunities are there to teach you.  The course is called “Wings of Love”.

You are that love, and you are learning how to fly without conditions or judgement.  You are Angels, and the divine children of the most high.  All of you are, not just some.  So when the time comes for that final quiz, that final test, remember this, for there will be only one question.

And the answer is always love.

Love, Joy, Peace



P.S:  I leave you with a link to this song by John Denver called “Wings that fly us home”


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