Love lost. Love found. Love lived again.

Through David's Eye

For Love lost. Love found, Love lived again. Often this is the cycle of life. Look not for beauty, though it may be there. Look not for generosity, though it may be there. Look for the constant and unconditional caring even during the darkest of times. That is the true sign of Love. Look for the love that does not fear and does not judge, and does not surrender. The love that forever seeks.

1899674_753032351453417_3218939037440965780_o Photography and Verse by David

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Sunrise, Sunset: The Circle of Life

Life is never stagnet.  It is in a constant state of change.  Within the material earth experience we experience this each and every day. Sunrise, we celebrate the daylight and activity, sunsets we celebrate the night and rest.

Wings of Love

You are that love, and you are learning how to fly without conditions or judgement.  You are Angels, and the divine children of the most high.  All of you are, not just some.

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