You Are Worthy!


You are worthy!

Okay the title says it all. That is the entire lesson. You can stop reading now if you want to.

One of the greatest challenges of humanity is believing in ourselves.  We are all, in spirit, divine beings, children of the creative source of all, children of God, and in our essence we lack for nothing. We are worthy of everything that is good and in balance.

In the course of the human material experience, humanity has come to see itself as something less then part of the infinite divine essence that is the universe, for all that is, is of the creative source.  There is no place or nothing where the perfection of creative source does not exist, except in our limited human thinking.

My dear brothers and sisters, my kindred souls of light, you are worthy of all good.  You are free to have it.  You are free to share it.  The source is infinite, and without limit.  It is only within the polarized and finite thinking of human mind that lack exists at all.  And that is the great illusion.

You are worthy!  Know that!  Believe that!   Then live that!  Just remember that everyone else is worthy too.  Celebrate not only your worthiness but their worthiness as well.  Live it every moment and in every way.  Just remember it is within you already.  It is not something that you can take or receive from someone else.

Know that all lack is of your own thought creation, for there is no lack in the creative source.  The idea of lack or not being worthy stem from self judgement and the false teachings of churches and religions.  Understand that such institutions are just businesses.  They exist only to sell you their sense of limitation and to use it influence your life.   God never created any church or religion.  Such things are the creations of humans who do not believe they are worthy or who seek to control others by convincing them they are not worthy.  It is big business.   Understand that some churches do great good and are true workers of love and caring.  Just don’t buy into their thoughts of limitation.

You are worthy.  You are a child of God, a child of the universe.  Your potential and your birthright is unlimited.   And the key to it all is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for everyone, everything, every experience.  And remember that to love others you must first love yourself, then you will have an abundance of of love to share.

Yes you are WORTHY!  And Creator/God wants you to have it all.   When you wake up each morning, and when you go to bet at night tell yourself, “I am worthy” and keep telling yourself until you manifest it in your life.  It may or may not manifest in the ways of material things but it will manifest.

Love, peace and Joy
~ Davee


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