Happiness is a State of Mind

Clip art from FBProfileCovers.com
Clip art from FBProfileCovers.com

I not so long ago had someone who is familiar with the financial and relationship difficulties I have faced in the Philippines tell me that there is “no way” I could be happy here.  I felt so sorry for them because I knew they really did not know what happiness is.

Happiness is a state of mind.  It comes from finding the simple joys and pleasures of life even in difficult times.  It is not a matter of having everything go smoothly and great in life, it is a matter of just knowing that despite the challenges that life throws at us and sometimes the results of less then ideal decisions that we make, we still can find within a state of being whereby we are “happy”.   It doesn’t mean the difficulties have gone away nor does it mean we have overcome every obstacle, but it does mean that we do not let life’s challenges take over our life and our thoughts.   It means that we are capable of seeing the simple, beautiful and happy things in life, despite the challenges we face.

It is exactly that attitude among so many Filipinos that drew me to this country.   The ability to find the good, the joy and the reasons to be happy even during the most difficult times.  No that is not true of everyone here, but it seems to be the rule more then the exception.   It does seem to get lost among those who achieve worldly success but lose themselves and their inner spirit of joy in the process.   Remember that all the things of this world are just a temporary experience.  Your true self is not of this world, nor is your happiness.

There is nothing wrong with being successful or wealthy, the challenge however is to not let those things take over your life and deprive you of true inner happiness and peace.  The greatest wealth of life cannot be counted or measured.  The greatest wealth comes in the form of smiles, hugs, songs, and celebration of those special moments with those around us, no matter the outer world situation.

Happiness, joy, is a choice.  If you can make that choice in the darkest and most difficult of times then you can know it always no matter if the worldly life is easy or hard.   Happiness is an inner and outer expression of LOVE.

So I leave you with this link to a little YouTube clip.   Don’t worry, be Happy!  Remember that the choice is yours.  No matter if life is easy or hard, enjoy those moments that are special with those around you.

Make happiness YOUR choice.   Everything else is just a temporary illusion.  Your spirit, soul already knows the way.


Love, Joy and Peace

~ Davee


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