The Most Important Part of Life is the Journey

Fisherman on his Journey of Life – Subic Bay Philippines.

Have your ever noticed how often people are fixated on getting to destinations in life?  How often they say use the “when” word.  When I get to this  point?  When I have this or that?  When I meet this or that person?

Life and spiritual growth are not about destinations.  It is all about the journey.  There is no point of enlightenment.  No moment of perfect realization.  No “When I get to this place or this understanding then I will be done”.

You were created perfectly in the image and likeness of God, creative source.  You are on a journey that never ends and it is called life and self expression.  There are no degrees, no graduation ceremonies.  Maybe for some a few landmark moments when they have pushed beyond a particular limit, but the journey continues.  You are sailing on an ocean of spirit.  Sometimes you travel alone, sometimes you travel with others.  But there is no final destination.   You are infinite and ever growing, ever learning.  That is what is means to be a child of Creator.

It is not about destinations because beyond every destination there is a continuation of your journey.  There may be ports of call along the way, places to rest, heal, nourish and ponder your journey up to that point.

Relish and enjoy the many infinite points of call you reach along the way.  Celebrate each new achievement, new places, new people, new understandings and challenges.  But remember the goal is not where you go, how many places you go, or when you will get there.   The only goal to life is the journey.   Creator is infinite.  As a child of Creator you are infinite.  The reason for your existence is your journey, not the destinations.  Yes destinations are fascinating things and good reason for celebration, but they are never the end, only the beginning of the next journey.

Sail on my brother’s and sisters.  Sail on across the vast ocean of life, the ocean of infinite universe.   Celebrate every relationship, every success, every love along the way, but remember the journey must continue.  You ARE a child of the Universe and are without beginning or end.  Love the journey you are on, even if the lessons are difficult.  Love your successes and your errors.  Love all you meet along the way, no matter how they (in their limited illusion) treated you.  LOVE YOUR JOURNEY.  That is the reason for your being.  You are infinite energy and you are LOVE.  Be the LOVE that you are and share your journey of LOVE with others along the way.

Love, joy and peace.



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