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Legend of the Cherokee Rose

All the generations before us have their stories, both ugly and beautiful. Let us always remember that humanity is not many people but one people.  Not many nations, but one world.   We all have the same Divine roots, and the same Divine souls. Despite material differences, in the end we are all one people,... Continue Reading →

The Time of Change from a different Perspective – the cosmic messenger pigeon


Some sage thoughts from a brilliant soul.

...wo das Herz erwachen kann

Change<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>
German Version: click this

When we change ourselves this will affect our surrounding as well. When we change ourselves this is, most because life has taught us something and we are adapting us to this something, since this is not function with us anymore. With the latter, I mean that it does not fit to us any more or no longer is of any use to us. If we let pass the last few years like a revue we get conscious of one thing: that no stone has been left on others in the old order. Many things disturbing us in the past do not threaten us anymore and others which pleased us tremendously suddenly do not appear so well any more. Holding such a review we become aware that many things have been altered with in the years.

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Light Still Shines…

Just because we can’t see the light doesn’t mean it is not there. It is only that our physical being isn’t sensitive to the frequencies. But our spirit can know the light at all times and in all ways. Darkness only exists when we close ourselves to the infinite and eternal light of spirit. Love,... Continue Reading →

The Tapestry of God’s Creation

Creator is active always in our lives. Each moment is a miracle of creation. The Tapestry of God's creation is infinite and within a single moment lives every expression.   And Creator's expression is always love filled with beauty and wonder. The minutes, hours, years, and days of our lives are but an illusion. Each... Continue Reading →

You are Angels

My beloved family, your life did not begin in this world, neither will it end here. Before the sun, planets, earth and moon were formed, you already were. You are ancient before time. This place, you call materiality, is just a little time in school. You have journeyed long it feels, but in truth your... Continue Reading →

Love lost. Love found. Love lived again.


It was love that brought me to where I am.  It was love that tested me.  It is love that nurtures me still.  While not all dreams ended as I hoped, still I found love, I loved and have been loved.   Each day is a challenge, but each day is an adventure.  Who knows where the journey will lead, but this much I know, it will be a journey in Love, no matter the outcome.

Love, Joy and Peace,


Through David's Eye

For Love lost. Love found, Love lived again. Often this is the cycle of life. Look not for beauty, though it may be there. Look not for generosity, though it may be there. Look for the constant and unconditional caring even during the darkest of times. That is the true sign of Love. Look for the love that does not fear and does not judge, and does not surrender. The love that forever seeks.

1899674_753032351453417_3218939037440965780_o Photography and Verse by David

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True Family

You are never alone.  Your family is all around you.  You may not know them by name, but know them by their spirit.  Love them as they are, not only as you want them to be.

Love, Joy and Peace


Through David's Eye


Our family is who we make them.  Neither time, distance, blood or genetics can separate us from them.

Photography and writing © David Wendel Robinson – all rights reserved.

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